VSWR Calculator

Welcome to our VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) calculator, a tool designed to simplify your RF projects by accurately determining the VSWR based on your system’s Source and Load impedances. This metric provides insight into power transfer efficiency between a transmission line and the load, a critical aspect of wireless communication. Be sure to check out our VSWR Explainer if you need a refresher or are learning about this for the first time. Whether you’re troubleshooting, designing a new setup, or studying fundamentals, this calculator should be a helpful addition to your RF engineering toolkit.

To start, just enter impedance values or click the +/- buttons below.

For Reference

$$\Gamma = \frac{{Z_L – Z_0}}{{Z_L + Z_0}}$$


  • \(\Gamma\) is the reflection coefficient
  • \(Z_L\) is the load impedance
  • \(Z_0\) is the source or characteristic impedance

And with that, you can now get the VSWR

$$\text{VSWR} = \frac{1 + |\Gamma|}{1 – |\Gamma|}$$